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High frequency hand held poker vibrator

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The MULTIVIB Vibrator produces a most flexible and economic solution. The intercheangeable head produces the highest possible amplitude. Energy is transferred from the compactly designed motor, via the flexible shaft made out of high quality carbon steel wire. The outer casing is made of abrasive resistant neopoprene rubber, that gives both flexibility and resistance to wear.
The Multivib design can take both standard shafts as well as a new rotashaft, which makes it possible to position the motor on the ground and twist the shaft into many working positions, making it particularly useful when working on f1oor castings and repair jobs. The Multivib COMPACT feature offers a Iighter weight motor without losing any power and is mounted directly into the carbon casing.

  • On-site vibration of concrete for foundations, walls, columns and slab work. In plant vibration of concrete during the production of pipes, slabs, beams, double T's, columns and walls.
  • Powerful MOTOR
  • Interchangeable heads with double bearings
  • Double insulated motor
  • Integrated filter
  • Easy change of carbon brush kit no tool needed
  • Rotashaft connections on both motors offers ergonomy and comfort in many work positions

Technical Data MULTIVIB voir les données techniques
ModelCodemultivib PACLITE
Multivib motor universal
CE - plug 2 pin- 230 volts 50 hzpacli 10.273
plug cetac yellow - 115 volts 60 hz pacli 10.272
plug ul - 115 volts 60 hzpacli 10.274
plug cetac blue 3 pin - 230v 50hzpacli 10.281
Multivib Compact universal Motor (lighter)
CE - plug 2 pin- 230 volts 50 hz10.700
plug cetac yellowe - 115 volts 60 hz10.701
plug ul - 115 volts 60 hz10.702
plug cetac blue 3 pin - 230v 50hz10.703
Multivib poker head for flexible shaft
Poker head ø 26 mmpacli 22.432
Poker head ø 36 mmpacli 22.433
Poker head ø 42 mmpacli 22.434
Poker head ø 50 mmpacli 22.435
Poker head ø 57 mmpacli 22.436
Multivib poker head for flexible shaft
multiflex 2 l - 2 mpacli 22.437
multiflex 3 l - 3 mpacli 22.438
multiflex 4 l - 4 mpacli 22.439
Rated Power
2kW (3CV) RPM: 16000
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input current 6/10 A
Insulation Class Double insulation Weight: 6Kg
Cord - Plug H07RN-F 2x1,5mm2
Manufacture Standards EN 60745-2-12:2003

BOOSTER - the ultimate high frequency concrete vibrator

download product sheet download product sheet

This vibrator is equipped with heavy eccentric weights to perform more power and in particular, more amplitude.
VX PREMIUM - PACLITE high frequency pokers provide a perfect operating tool on any job site. The poker and the end cap are made of induction hardened special steel. The poker vibrators are provided with overdimensioned bearings. This will ensure better durability and lower operating costs. A unique electric motor with extra strong eccentric weights produces high centrifugal forces and amplitudes.
VX BOOSTER - The ultimate performing vibrator for all type of concrete mixes. Standard length for floor castings with comfortable handle.

  • Long-life design: The vibration-proof windings are embedded in synthetic material. They will withstand a short-term load of up to 180 °C (356 °F). The heavy-duty roller bearings are grease-lubricated for high performance
  • Overload protection: The thermal circuit breakers prevent the motor from being damaged due to overheating
  • Easy maintenance. The vibrator head can be replaced without the need for special tools
  • Low amperage on VX pokers
  • Ergonomic switch 10 metres of synthetic abrasive resistant electric cable to the switch 5m of abrasive resistant hose to the poker* synthetic abrasive resistant electric cable
  • Stretchable hydraulic hose
  • Can be used with most 42v, 200hz 3 phase supplies
  • The input cables are sealed in order to prevent water from entering the poker. The cable is flexible, multi-wired, cold- resistant and durable.

Technical Data VX PREMIUM- VX Booster Voir les données techniques
VX-Booster 65VX-Booster
Weight (Kg)9101516,51921
Diameter poker head (mm)384252586575
Vibration Force (N)140021003800550072008400
Rubber hose length(m)5 m (Standard)
Current (A)6712141619
Power (Watt)4654908009009801250
Tension (Volts)3x423x423X423X423X423X42
Frequency (Hz)200200200200200200
Protection degree (IP)IP44 / IP57
Manufactured under standards: EN 60745-2-12:2003 EN 60745-1:2003

VX (D) version (ergonomic handle for floors)

download product sheet download product sheet

The motor-in-head VX(D) internal vibrators achieve an optimum consolidation performance in all standard types of concrete thanks to their constant high frequency speed and their powerful 42v built in motor. The 0,825 m long protective hoses make these vibrators ideal for floor consolidations and concrete slabs. The operator-friendly Low Vib handle reduces vibrations considerably during use.

Technical Data VX PREMIUM-VX BOOSTER / Version VXD Voir les données techniques
ModelVX-40 DVX-50 D
Weight (Kg)910
Diameter poker head (mm)4252
RPMPh3 / 12.000
Vibration Force (N)21003800
Rubber hose length (m)1 m (Standard)
Current (A)712
Power (Watt)490800
Tension (V)3x423x42
Frequency (Hz)200200
Protection degree (IP)IP44IP57

High frequency pokers with inbuilt inverter

download product sheet download product sheet

The PACLITE poker vibrator Synchro Master is provided with a built-in converter in the switch box that converts the frequency 50 Hz to 200 Hz, and 1-phase 230 V to 3-phase 210 V which runs the 3-phase motor in the poker. As the poker vibrator is connected to a 1-phase wall socket-outlet it can be used everywhere. The comfortable start/stop knobs on the front side of the switch box are easily reached. The converter in the switch box has built-in functions that protect the equipment and the user against operational hazards. The strong and user-friendly switch box of impact resistant aluminium is designed to withstand the tough construction environment.

  • Moulded electronics
  • Strong design
  • Plug-in and work on single phase current
  • Available in 230v and in 115v versions
  • Rico power switch
  • Thermal protection
  • Overload protection
  • Power loss protection
  • Stretch proof hose and cable
  • Options: 9 metres operative hose available upon demand

Technical Data SYNCHROMASTER Voir les données techniques
Code1014210143 synchromaster
Hose lenght (m)55
Diameter (mm)Ø 52Ø 58
Vibrator lenght (mm)382410
Weight head (Kg)4,756,40
Force output (N)38155520
Vibration amplitude1,021,09
Action diameter (mm)416464
Frequency (Hz)200200

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