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The outstanding features of PACLITE four-cycle rammers are the compact design and strong performance. The long shoe stroke, high percussion rate and high stroke energy combined with fast advance travel achieve excellent results in trenches and channels.

  • Engine Protection system (eps).
  • Two-stage air filtration (Robin ER12) system with cyclone prefilter: high filter capacity thanks to premium quality. Easy access to servicing points.
  • Automatic oil level.
  • Low vibrating handle.
  • Protective cover with ‘tachymeter’,
  • Measuring the speed and duration of work.
  • Strong lifting eye
  • Pull wheels mounted on frame for easy loading.
  • Engine shut off integrated in the throttle
  • Narrow frame 380mm.
  • Bellow of German make.

Technical Data CRX68 voir les données techniques
Code CRX68R CRX68H
Model CRX68 Robin Subaru CRX68 Honda
Operating mass (kg)  71 71
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 737x360x1025 737x360x1025
Engine Robin ER12  Honda GX100
Power max output. hp (Kw) 2,6 (3,5)  2,2 (3) 
Fuel Capacity (l) 4 4
Foot dimension l x L (mm)  285x334  285x334 
Stroke (mm) 70 70
Impact Force Max. (kN) 16 16
Impact Number / Min 650-700 650-700
Compaction depth (cm) 45 45
Speed (m/min) 41 548 41 548
Compacted area  (m²/h) 260 260
Vibrations* m/sec2/utilisation (hrs) 6,4 6,4
Dual air cleaner yes no
Sound pressure level (dB) 91 91

TR740 - Multiple use rammer

download product sheet download product sheet

A rammer with a rugged design for multiple use. This rammer is suitable for applications on both granular and cohesive soils, where strict requirements are imposed for compaction in confined areas, trenches and repair work.

  • Strong protective frame and engine support
  • Transports in any position
  • Two engine options Honda GX120 & Robin EH12 with dual air cleaner
  • A unique three-stage air filtration system provides a virtually dust-free engine for longer life and improved durability

Technical Data TR740 Voir les données techniques
Code TR740R TR740H
Model TR740 TR740
Engine Robin EH12 Honda GX120
Power engine hp (kW) 3,5 (2,6) 3,5 (2,6)
Weight (kg) 70 70
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)  750x410x1070 750x410x1070
Foot size (mm) 335x285 335x285
Stroke (mm)  75 75
Impact (kg)   1600 1600
(Blows/mn) 650-700 650-700
Compaction depth (cm) 61 61
Travel speed (m/min) 09-déc 09-déc
Compacted area(m2/h)  300 300
Vibrations* m/sec2/utilisation (hrs) 9 9,1

TR800D - Diesel trench rammer

download product sheet download product sheet

The PACLITE diesel rammer offers maximum production, performance and durability while providing you the convenience of standardizing your diesel fleet. A well-balanced machine for easy handling and operation. The TR800D is the heavyweight amongst the rammers and is exceptionally reliable because of its engine. Its preferred use is on soils which are difficult to compact, on sites where solely diesel fuel is used to avoid the accidental mix up of fuels and also on various repair jobs.

  • A durable HATZ 1B20 diesel engine provides exceptional performance, fuel economy and long life
  • The large capacity fuel tank with self-cleaning in-tank filter, offers long life and minimum maintenance
  • Exclusive noise reducing cover lowers the amount of engine and shoe noise transmitted to the operator

Technical Data TR800D Voir les données techniques
CodeTR800D TR800D
Engine DieselHatz IB20
Power Engine- hp ( Kw)4,6 (3,5)
Weight (Kg)88
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)750x420x1070
Foot size (mm)335x285
Stroke (mm)82
Impact (Kg)1800
Compaction depth (cm)66
Travel speed (m/min)8-11
Compacted area (m²/h)310

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