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Flexible shafts pumps provide rotary power transmission along curved or adjustable axes. They are today frequently used in dewatering on sites where there is lack of electric power, preparing after dewatering trenches or in preparing for concrete casting. They are used for power transmission along non-linear axes, in heavy-duty, and specialized applications such as construction and farming. Particularly popular for rental applications and intermittant use.
Paclite quality uses abrasion resistant hose, built up by not less than 8 layers of special spun steel which is corrosion resistant and can withstand environmental contaminants such as aggregates, fluid, and oil.
A spiral outer casing reinforce the most difficult work positions and abuse.
The inner core is made of tempered steel and permits maximum flexibility.
The Paclite pump feature a Vortex type pump with hardened steel impeller. The two dog connections are equipped with bearings to guarantee maximum product life.
Paclite offer two Flexible shaft pump models:
- PREMIUM, insofar the most sold pump in the rental market, a real compromise between quality and
- FORCE, a heavier weight class model permitting larger stones and aggregates to be dewatered


PFP80 Submersible flexible shaft pump 72 m3/h

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Submersible pump for draining and removal of water from trenchesand building sites without use of electric power. The FORCE pump can take aggregates as large as 19mm and offer a more rugged heavy duty design.

  • Pump with high output and a capacity of 72m3/H.
  • Cast steel impeller.
  • Solid size capacity: 19mm.
  • High quality components and strong flexible shaft, 6m.
  • Two-dog coupling identical to AAX poker vibrators which enable compatibility and versatility in utilisation between water removal and concreting work.
  • Autonomous, portable and light weight in size, this pump can be used in a multitude of applications.
  • Same engine power units used together with AAX poker vibrators.
  • Standard delivery with discharge hose of 10 meters and 3”
    (75mm), fireman’s quick release coupling.
    2950 rpm, max. head height 15m.
  • Drive unit with Honda GX160.
  • Option :Engine HATZ IB20.
  • 2013 version with 6 meters flexible shaft.

Technical Data PUMP PFP80 voir les données techniques
Code PFP80-H PFP80-R PFP80-POMPE 104.10.00306 
Modèle Complete pump 6m with accessories included + fireman couplings 3’’  + discharge hose 10m + drive unit Motor Honda GX160  Complete pump 6m with accessories included + fireman couplings 3’’
+ discharge hose 10m + drive unit
Motor ROBIN-Subaru EX17
pump only no accessory included
pack pump set complete with 35mm flexible shaft poker

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