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PACLITE specializes in solutions to service sites, since we always pay attention to the specific requirements of our customers by offering the expertise of our technicians and reliability of the brand PACLITE which boasts experience in its field.



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Perfect for any type of work and made from high quality components. Useful for saving fatigue. Manoeuvrable in tight spaces. Quick and lively in movement. Strong, robust and compact, but also available and adaptable to your requirements according to the multitude of sectors in which they can be used. It is also quite possible to carry these devices on any truck with their small size and lightness.

  • Robust design of the hopper and discharge system, better balanced and more weight compared with other machines on the market
  • The Terrain Loader has a Honda engine of 5.5 horsepower
  • The Terrain Loader allows larger capacity 345kg
  • A motorized 4-wheelers loader drive for pedestrian can go anywhere a tracked machine can
  • Perfectly balanced, the operating gear is smooth and easy as driving to empty at full load
  • Easy and fast for high productivity
  • All four tires are identical for easy use on all types of terrain
  • The bucket is changed within seconds with the flat tray; both are always included in the delivery of the machine.
  • May climb hills up to 30 degrees
  • USA manufactured gear box
  • It combines well with a number of other devices such as mini excavators and cement mixers allowing low allows direct discharge
  • Clutch EC

Technical Data TERRAIN LOADER HTL350 voir les données techniques
Dimensions LxWxH (mm)1802x721x955
EngineHonda GXV160
Engine power hp (kw)5,5 (4)
Max speed (km/h)5,8
Capacity (l)137
Capacity (kg)345
Weight (kg)162

600Kg Track driven Power dumper with manual start

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The track dumper PACLITE HTL600 can operate next to the nearest centimeter on any ground thanks to its compact size and precise handling. Optimized and compact design, ideal for narrow passages through standard doors and portals.

  • Tracked under carriage with hydraulic mechanical transmission fitted with a modular chassis. Controlled by manual levers with 2 gear pumps and fixed displacement orbital engine.
  • Steering throughout the rotation of the tracks.
  • Double effect cylinder for the frontal lifting of the accessories.
  • Rubber tracks realized in monobloc structure with core in iron wire and inserts in treated iron.
  • Loading skip with large angle of discharge. The round shaped design gives both to the machine a new styling and allows a quick discharge of the transported materials.
  • Two levers connected with the hydraulic distributor to control travelling. Each lever controls independently the movements of each track, enabling the operator to have a complete control in every phase.

Technical Data POWERDUMPER 600 voir les données techniques
Power Dumper 600
Petrol engine
with hydraulic transmission
HONDA GX200 6 ch.
Max. power (/kw)
 Hydraulic mechanical 
Total gear pumps
Total delivery  Each pomp (l / min. )
Max. working pressure for travelling
Max. working pressure for lifting skip / shovel
Max. torque at 2500 rpm (Dan/M)
Operational weight (without operator) (kg)
Road transportable load (kg)
Bucket capacity struck  
(norm sae) (m3)
Bucket capacity struck by sand / struck by liquids  (m³)
0,270 / 0,250
Steering system
Hydraulic mechanical
Rubber tracks tensioning  
Adjustable  screw 
Track width (mm)
Max. gradient capability  with loading (% )
Fuel tank capacity (l)
Hydraulic oil tank capacity (l)


Mobile conveyor belts MX-series single phase

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The MX-series has been developed in a co-operation between engineers and a number of demanding customers within the rental and construction industry. These products live up to the highest demands as to strength, durability and maintenance. The closed side profile provides extreme load capacity and horizontal strength (no deflection). The side profile also gives a very high user safety. MX-conveyor can be used for all types of application areas from rough demolition, concrete and soil transport.

  • High durability and stability,superior quality and finish
  • Superior pulling power, good stackability.
  • Heavy duty PVD belt, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Easy adjustment of the belt.
  • Closed side profile, fork lift openings.
    High user security.
    IP67 on all electrical parts, all electrical parts are built in and well protected.
  • Fully extruded aluminium side profile.
  • Low weight.

Technical Data MX CONVEYORS voir les données techniques
MX330  MX450 MX600
330 450 600
Motor rated power  240v (kw)
0,55 0,55 0,55
Speed of belt (m/s)
0,32 0,32 0,32
Max weight of transport (kg)
200 200 200
Length of belt (cm)
330 456 600
Total length of conveyor (cm)
360 480 630
Width of belt (cm)
34 34 34
Ovrerall width (cm)
45,5 45,5 45,5
Height (cm)
22,5 22,5 22,5
70 80 90


Pac light - Towerlight

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PACLITE offers two models with powerful Lighting Power. 4 x 1000w PAC-LIGHT Metal Halide Lamps provide a massive total of 440,000 lumens illuminating over 4000m2. Metal Halide bulbs can perform to 10000 hours of use. Both models are the perfect set, when static, long running lighting is needed on large construction projects and outside events. Reliable Kubota Diesel engines, common in the PACLITE programme and Linz alternators have been equipped on both models.
The mechanical model, 4001 is equipped with manual winch and horizontal mast, offering a powerful economy version. The 4002H version is hydraulically raised by a single lever and can be rotated through 340° ensuring that the light is targeted correctly.
Hydraulic telescopic mast means simple, quick no effort mast erection. The mast does not overhang the cabinet making it less hazardous and giving better protection for the lamps during towing or transportation.
Colors: yellow or white.

  • Well designed canopy gives lower noise. The large doors give roomy access for maintenance.
  • External power sockets allow for the use of electric power tools or for plugging in additional satellite lamps.
  • Four adjustable jacks give stability to the unit in 80 km/hour of winds with the mast fully erected. The jacks give adjustment to balance the machine on uneven terrain.
  • The four lamps are fully adjustable from the control panel.
  • Fully equipped road tow equipment with road brakes and road lighting.
  • Fork Lift pockets and hoist hook for easy loading on transport.

Technical Data paclight voir les données techniques
Length (mm)
4360 3200 (2100 without tow bar)
Width (mm)
1430 1620
Height (mm)
1650 2250
Full extending height (m)
9 9
Gross weight (kg)
950 (without fuel) 1420 (without fuel)
Engine model
D905 (Kubota) D1105 (Kubota)
Speed (rpm)
1500 1500
Number of cylinders
3 3
4 cycles, Watercooled diesel 4 cycles, Watercooled inline diesel
Engine aspiration
Naturally aspired Naturally aspired
Emission level
Tier2 Tier2
Alternator model or rating power
E1C13SB/4 (LINZ) E1C13SB/4 (LINZ)
Alternator characters
Single phase brushless & capacitor regulation Single phase brushless & capacitor regulation
Frequency (Hz)
50/60 50/60
Continued power (kVA)
7 / 8.5 7 / 8.5
Main characters
230 (AC) 230 (AC)
Alternator insulation
Class H Class H
Alternator protection grade
IP23 IP23
Type of lights
Metal halide floodlight square model  Metal halide floodlight square model
Luminous flux (LM/light)
110000 110000
Number & power of lights
4x1000W 4x1000W
Fuel tank capacity (liters)
140L   120L  
Operating hours with full fuel (hours)
120 85
Number of mast sections
3 8
Mast lifting
Manually Vertical
Mast extension
Manually Hydro electrical 80°
Mast rotation
330° Manually 330° Manually
Light bar tilt
Manually Hydro electrical 90°
Stabilizing legs & number
Manually, 4 extendable Manually, 4 extendable
Hitch & tow bar
50mm ball hitch 50mm ball hitch + spare ring eye
Wheel's rims size (mm)
355 355
Wire & electric components
IP44 IP44
Acoustic pressure
72dB(A) @ 7m 72dB(A) @ 7m
Other characters
EU tyre, AL-KO axle with brake, 2 pcs 16A EU outlet socket,
square traffic light, earth ground and earth leakage relay for main breaker
Max. load quantity in a 40 ft high container
12 sets 7 sets

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