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Master G600-edging trowel 2 x foldable handle
Master G700-border trowel foldable handle

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The Paclite trowels are extensively used in the industry, intended for floating and trowelling newly placed concrete surfaces. The working speed (output shaft speed) is variable 50/130 r.p.m. which ensures optimum results both at floating and trowelling. The handle is of an ergonomically sound design with all operating controls easily accessible for the operator from the driving position. The handle bars’ CE safety grip can be held at any position on the handles. PACLITE models cover most needs for any modern job site.

  • The Master G-600 trowel features a rotating guard ring to reduce manual labor while edging.
  • Enables the operator to finish within milimeters of obstructions.
  • The high capacity gearbox delivers big machine performance in a small package.
  • The Master G-700 offers optimized balance.
  • The Master G-700 medium-sized trowel is a true workhorse.
  • With a width of 760mm the rotating guard ring easily fits through most doorways and offers perfect results on a variety of surfaces every time.

Technical Data MASTER G600 - G700 voir les données techniques
Code Master900 J900 Master1200
Modèle M900 Honda J900 Honda M1200 Honda
Poids en ordre de marche (Kg) 81 81 113
Dimensions pliée (mm) 1305x992  1305x992  1408x1200
Dimensions lxHxL (mm) 992x 781x2013 992x 781x2013 1206x1008x2130
Diamètre truelle (mm) 925 925 1170
Nombre de lame 4 4 4
Vitesse de la truelle (rpm) 65-131 65-131 65-131
 Moteur Honda GX160 Honda GX160 Honda  GX270
Puissance hp (Kw) 5,5 (4)  5,5 (4)  6,7  (4)
Tour moteur (rpm) 3000 3000 3000
Capacité réservoir essence (L) 3,6 3,6 6
Consommation (l/h) 1 1 1,8
Timon Pliable Droit Pliable
Embrayage Manuel Centrifuge Manuel

Master G900 - Light-weight & straight or foldable handle
Master G1200 - Heavy-duty straight or foldable handle

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The Series Master 900 & Master 1200 incorporates amazing balance, improved serviceability, and your choice of wide or narrow frame, straight or foldable handle providing contractors with the ideal machine for residential and general construction work. The large Master 1200 is designed for high speed burnishing up to 180 r.p.m with a HD gearbox and Paclite patented drive system.
PACLITE “Get a grip on the best”. Our new Anti-Vibration handle design dramatically reduces the vibration transmitted to the operator. These height-adjustable handles will increase operator comfort and decrease fatigue over an eight-hour day.

  • The handle is of an ergonomically sound design with all operating controls easily accessible for the operator from the driving position
  • The handle bar acts as a «dead man’s grip» safety device and can be reached from any gripping position on the handle
  • The speed selection is made with a switch on the handle
  • The change of the blade angle is made with a circular adjuster on the handle. The blades are reversible for double life
  • The trowel is provided with two carrying handles for manual raising

High quality Blades and Discs PACLITE

Disc and blades Trowels PACLITE

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High quality Blades and Discs to give the best performance from your Pro Trowel.

  • Quality expendable blades, pans and discs
  • Competitive prices
  • Accurate fit and genuine parts

Technical Data Disc and blades Voir les données techniques
Pan Dimensions
Code Model/Type Size (mm)
TOL606-050100 M600 230x120
947-050000 M900/Finishing 356x151
M900-050000 M900/Combination 355x199
TOL120GB-050000 M1200/Finishing 458x152
947-99956 M1200/Combination 439x199

Blade Dimensions
Model/Type Size (mm) Insert
M600 610 M6
j900 / M900 980 M8
M1200 1200 M8
PRT168 900 M8

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